Specialization is the key word that defines our engineering, offering our expertise to your company, so we can evolve in the development of your products or applications, with costs of R & D content and best designs.
We specialize in product design technology, where interaction between different specialties, electronics and mechanical engineering applications together with a good level of conceptual design.
Our services go beyond providing the product if necessary keys in hand, we monitoring all processes and we already can manufacture all parts.
We hope that this website, You know us a little more and gain your confidence to begin to explore your projects with maximum confidentiality.









C. Coll, s/n, Nave 2-A
Polígono Industrial Pla de Santa Anna.
Sant Fruitós de Bages

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Persona de contacto: Mr. Jesús Hernández.



SERVOCAD has the support of teams of researchers from different universities and technological centres of national and international prestige. With the collaboration of these scientific teams, SERVOCAD manages to make progress in the preparation of our new products, and further tests which have served as a basis to develop new line of products SERVOMEDICS ©.


These are some of the centres collaborating with research and development of new products developed by SERVOCAD:

- CREB The biomedical engineering research Centre, one of the most advanced centres of the world in this sector, located in Barcelona and attached to the University Polytechnic of Catalonia (UPC).


- CTM technology centre, a research centre that leads many international projects in engineering, mainly in the study of materials and alloys.

- UB (Barcelona University), Faculty of chemistry. Laboratory of electroplating and corrosion (ELECTRODEP). All new micro parts by lithography technology advisors.


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