Welcome to SERVOMEDICS, in this website you can learn about our services. We are a new engineer office, specialities in the design and marketing of medical and scientific applications, and particularly in the creation of new mechatronic tools in the current trend of minimally invasive surgery and advanced medical devices.

Our main knowledge is highly specialized in this new medical technology, where we work with the leading exponents current industry technology, always with the aim of achieving progress on new methodologies and new devices with ever more features and reduced space.


News technology tools:

Miniature robotics tweezers , for medical, scientific and industrial use.

Very small device for use by same that mechanical type.

Electronic control force.

Automatic spin axis, only tilt the body.

Water resistant and interchangeable tools: scissors, forceps, clamps. Special versions for Ophthalmology.

Automatic and programmable action.

USB and rechargeable battery.

International patent by Servocad company.

ISO 13485.

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Some actually new Projects:

-Medical mechatronic system: Main actuators and main control unit, incorporates 5 servomotors with magnetic encoders, last new microprocessor technology 32 bits, mini USB and network communication.

  micro medics





- New scientific robot actuator miniature, its mission is for applications of high precision micro positioning.
Robot Positioner
Obtaining certification ISO 13485.
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