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The gyroscope, I have a special admiration for this singular instrument, the gyroscope, since I have admired for years and it works, I remember the first dismantled electromechanical gyroscopes that passed through my hands and was fascinated by their peculiar behavior. Many advances in recent centuries have been possible thanks to the gyroscope and many instruments are still operating under its physical effects.
Degyros born with the good spirit of give a graphical representation of new contemporary exclusive designs, and as the gyroscope do not die in time.

Jesús Hernández.

History of the Gyroscope

The gyroscope was invented in 1852 by Leon Foucault, who also gave the name, mounting a rotating mass of Cardano support for a demonstration experiment of rotation of the earth. The rotation has already been demonstrated by the Foucault pendulum. But did not understand why the speed of rotation of the pendulum was slower than the speed of rotation of the earth. Other equipment was needed to demonstrate the rotation of the earth in a simpler way. Foucault presented and a device capable of maintaining a sufficiently rapid rotation of 150 to 200 rpm and for a time that could be enough to make measurements. This feat mechanics of the time, illustrate the talent of Foucault and his collaborator Froment who performed the mechanical part.
Foucault also realized that his device could serve to indicate the North. In fact, if we prevent certain movements of the support of the gyro, this is aligned with the meridian. This allowed the invention of the Gyrocompass and a host of new tools and applications to our days.

Gyroscope invented for Léon Foucault


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