The designer is the interpreter, the imagination of designers offers new illusions and visual changes in our environment. We are surrounded by myriad of designs, from simple to more complex but all they bring a different vision of how the things are.



Jesus Hernandez is the creator and the architec of Cubeclock design and his engineering. Born in Manresa, Spain. His first steps in the design industry were in the electro acoustic and later in the electromechanical. His early watchmaking passion led to the execution of very young practice as a watchmaker, but his real passion has always been the design.

A passionate collector and scholar culture of watchmaking tradition, thought he was always destined to work in other products. However, concern, sense of adventure and passion for sharing his dreams led to design his first movement.

In 2008, Jesus opened his own Office of Engineering and Industrial Design, and through partners, different craftsmen and industry specialists could give birth to him first performance of a time machine.



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