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We are a new engineering company specializing in product design and industrial applications, with a strong involved applications where the electronics and mechanics are united, always trying to get a very good final product integration.

Our main advantages are the great expertise of our services, where both specialties work together, always analyzing processes, to achieve the best functional as well as cost.

We are in the central Catalonia, specifically in Manresa, Spain, in a very competitive industrial geographically, with many businesses providing a wide variety of industrial processes, where we can quickly get the process or technique best suited for your product.


  • New Projects SERVOMEDICS.

- Servocad is preparing a new line of business in the field of medical equipment, designing a revolutionary new series of electromechanical devices for applications in micro surgery and micro positioning, technology currently patented internationally by our company. Currently preparing a new business and technology division, separating the different fields of business activity.


micro medics  



Our designs have officially


of Solidworks® Simulation.






- New application of industrial automation, using computer vision technologies, today consolidated and diversified technology, opening new possibilities in the creation of new industrial solutions.


- New industrial robot actuator miniature, its mission is for applications of high precision micro positioning.
Robot Positioner
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