Engineering & Design

Servocad Microtronics counts with special machinery with high resolution of simultaneous turning and milling operations for maximum levels of precision.

Manufacturing heating-controlled area especially designed for minimum dilatation of materials to obtain maximum precision terminations.

We offer the following industrial services to our clients

  • Prototypes
  • Small series
  • Complex Molds
  • Gears
  • Micro-Machining parts
  • Electronics Hardware and Software
  • Advanced Mechatronic Development
  • Ultraprecision Systems

  • CAD / CAM
  • Automatic lathe
  • Milling simultaneus 5 axis
  • Production of special gears
  • Ultra polished
  • Micro welding

Material post processing

We have our own metal post processing equipment.

We perform the post processing of our metals in order to obtain maximum precision for our requirements of hardness, finish of the piece, and final measurement, coordinating with our laboratory we can obtain the maximum factor of each piece until obtaining the requested final result.

Steel tempering and hardening.

Manufacturing in new materials

Manufacture of high-performance materials:

  • Titanium.
  • Aluminium alloys LITAL ...
  • Silicone Nitride Si3 N4.
  • Nanotube Carbon polymer.
  • Ceramics: TZP-N and TZP-G, sapphires.
  • Composites.

Contact for more types of materials.

Industrial design

An avant-garde design and technology is our goal in every project, in a competitive world, the image is as important as the technical specifications.

Mechatronics design

The best technology in CAD software 3D, motion simulation and analysis of finite elements for a better design process.

Electronic design

We have the latest technology in electronic simulation software, and as per client requests, we can also offer you a 3D simulation of the PCB, thanks to a new integrated software.

Solid 3D modeling

We can perform once completed the design, an extensive and detailed sets of pictures of simulation, to varying degrees of realism and detail, also offering the possibility to offer a solid 3D model and real to appreciate the outcome of the product, depending on the project this actual model may to even be functional, to be able to test all its features before final production.