Electronic & Software


Our company can be integrated of the new product development, including all electronic parts and control, providing electronic design services and adapted to the technical requirements of the new project, so we can work together at different stages and perform as the entire global and electronic design of the new application.


  • Design of the main circuit, schematic and main electric or electronic diagram.
  • Custom design of all electronic boards (PCB), integrated in the new product.
  • Programming of all the logic control of the PCBs, both by small microcontrollers or sophisticated microprocessors, using in each case different types of Assembly language code or high-level programming languages.
  • Manufacture and Assembly of the first prototypes and the first preproduction units.

Custom design of software for the management of Apps and programs:

New development projects of "internet of things", BLE or WIFI. For platforms: Android®, Windows® or IOS®.

Electronic schematic design:

Design and functional simulation of the PCB:

Custom programming of the logic control and microprocessors:



As currently shown, we present one developed of an industrial remote control, with a security system link for industrial environments, fully configurable to the application required, we can configure the output type and custom design of the touch membrane.


  • 32ch control bidirectional transmision.
  • Custom outputs, Relay, Rs-232, TTL...
  • Safety Transmsion Protocol for Industrial ambient.
  • Custom membrane keypad for Control panel.
  • Emergency stop safety switch system.
  • Low battery consumption.
  • High resolution retro-LCD.

Industrial Remote Control Set:

Miniature Pcb with module Bluetooth 22mm diameter: