Designing and thinking on a small scale.

SERVOCAD is a specialist in this new technological sector, after working on several projects for more than three years in integration of micro-components, we have a good level of knowledge and experience to develop in the future, with maximum guarantees, new challenges in this new as emerging technology in industrial and scientific fields.

Conventional tweezers above and a new mechatronics micro tweezer disassembly parts below.

Miniaturized system for holding, positioning and placement of dental implants. the head of the tool only measures 1.3mm and inside incorporates a micro mechanism only 0.8 mm in diameter.

Titanium ball link created by photolithography, only 1mm x 0.2 x 0.5 mm.

Main actuators and main control unit in 6 layers pcb, only 13 x 74 mm base, incorporates 5 servomotors with magnetic encoders, last new microprocessor QFN format in 32 bits, mini USB and network communication.

Main body of one of the high precision bearings, only 1mm in height x 0.4 diameter, made of surgical steel by photolithography and EDM.

Micro Link chain composed of micro pins, sockets and connections, 1mm x 2mm.

Turbine blade:



Tool holders:

Watch box: