General information

Founded in 2011, the company has developed several innovations on medical surgical tools, with own R+D together with the collaboration of the laboratory of the Autonomous University of Barcelona and cooperation with several reputed professionals in the medical sector who have contributed with their expertise to the development of new instrumental.

Shortly after its establishment, the company developed and patented several instruments based on new miniaturized electromechanical assemblies that allow surgeons to improve safety interventions, minimizing the impact (invasion) in patients.

The company has already successfully developed 3 new surgical tools (mechanical laparoscopy, electronic punching fastening system parallel and/anchor) which incorporate new technologies as an intelligent electronic control, as well as novel micro mechanical systems, including the possibility of incorporating subjective vision systems, among other complementary systems. The production of these new tools will encourage the development of new techniques in micro-surgery that will allow minimally invasive medical practice in specialties such as neuronal, cardiovascular, ophthalmology and dentistry, with more control and security, reducing enormously the recovery time of patients as a direct consequence of surgery practiced with a lesser degree of invasion of the patient's body.